Where to locate Amazon FBA Reports


I posted the other day about where to download the Amazon year-end inventory.  Here is the link if you missed it:  http://www.basicesalesbookkeepingspreadsheet.com/do-you-know-your-ending-inventory-numbers/.   If you Merchant Fill, you should have an inventory list of stock you have on-hand and add to the FBA list you downloaded.


Inventory Adjustments:  You or your tax professional will also want to know if there were any adjustments to inventory like damaged and/or destroyed items.

The report is here:  Reports – Fulfillment-Inventory-Inventory Adjustments – Download Tab – Exact Dates 12.31 – 12.31.

These items would not be in your ending inventory report and they would not show in your sales reports.  This report serves as proof of why the items were deducted from inventory in the event of an audit and as a reminder to deduct them from your inventory tracking sheets.


Sales:  Most likely you use some sort of bookkeeping system like my spreadsheet (My eSales Tracker) or GoDaddy Bookkeeping to keep up with your sales, etc,  Whether you do or don’t, you will want to download your sales for the year as a back-up and to cross-check accuracy of the system you use.

The report is here:  Reports – Payments – Date Range Tab – Transaction – Custom 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014 – Generate or you could do a custom date range on the Transaction View Tab and copy/paste that data into a spreadsheet if you have less than 600 transactions or do more than one date range.  I like this one because it’s easier to view the info without having to modify the reports.


Sales Tax:  Reports – Tax Document Library – Generate Report – Custom 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2014 – Generate


Amazon has many reports to review almost all aspects of your business.  Block off time on a regular basis to look over these and find ways to increase your sales and profits.

Have a very prosperous new year in 2015!


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